About Us

Around the town of Vryburg, our shop used to be known as Burger’s Hardware. We’ve since become a part of DIY Depot, and we’ve been growing ever since.

We are a team of 35 people, united by our passion for building, fixing, and helping others. Some of the people you’ll meet at our store are:


The lady in charge. Loves to dedicate her passion and time to the business and its people.


A real success story. She grew from sales, to buyer, to shop manager.


Our warehouse manager and the guru of the building industry in our area. He knows it inside out.


He has enormous knowledge in all departments and is our drawings/plan facilitator.


Our admin lady who also has immense product knowledge.


The star salesman. He’s been in this industry for longer than most people have been alive.


Another star in sales. His enthusiasm and salesmanship shine.

Young People

We’re committed to employing and training local youth, equipping them with much-needed skills for the future.

Tanie Vivian, Jo, Carmen, Jerry, Hendrik and Jaco are a phone call away and always eager to help.